Key Concepts:

  • Freedom
  • Freedom Of Religion
  • Government & Freedom
  • Happiness
  • Liberty & Authority
  • Meaning & Purpose Of Life
  • The Value Of Life

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For The Fulfilment Of The Human Mission

At The Institute of Perceptionism, Inc., we believe human life possesses clear purpose, direction and undeniable value and it is our goal to promote a free-orderly society in which humanity can fulfill its mission. If you are interested in the principles of Perceptionism and its application to human activity and social structure, we invite you to check out our books, Freedom, Prosperity and Order and The Human Mission. To learn more or to ask us your questions, please contact us using the information below.   

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It is never too late to change. Order a copy of Freedom, Prosperity and Order by clicking here. Order a copy of The Human Mission by clicking here.  

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