The Human Mission

The Human Mission offers a philosophy that gives humanity value, purpose and direction and answers the question. “If there are no negative consequences resulting from the extinction of humanity, how does life have value?”

About Perceptionism

Humanity’s Value, Purpose & Direction

For as long as humans have had consciousness, we have been searching for the meaning of life and our purpose. Founded by The Institute of Perceptionism, Inc., Perceptionism is a philosophy based on the value of human observations of the universe. Without the perception of humanity, only wave lengths would exist. The fundamental principle of Perceptionism is that humanity and life makes a significant contribution to the definition of the universe. Therefore, our perception of the universe signifies that humanity has great value, and thereby purpose and direction.

Dedicated To A Free/Orderly Society

Based on these principles, The Institute of Perceptionism, Inc. is dedicated to promoting a free-orderly society, which is the best environment for humanity to fulfill its purpose. Such a society offers a universal moral system that is compatible with all religions, beliefs and philosophies that submit to the principles of freedom as defined by Perceptionism.


Find Your Purpose Today!

Perceptionism, a philosophy based on the human observations of the universe that indicate that human life possesses a clear purpose, direction and unquestionable value.  

Take A Path Not Commonly Traveled

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the status quo and have found no purpose or meaning to your life, you owe it to yourself to consider the concepts of Perceptionism to find clear purpose, direction and value to your life! To read at your computer use PDF of Freedom, Prosperity and Order by clicking here. Order a copy of The Human Mission by clicking here.