Freedom, Prosperity
And Order

What constitutes individual freedom and how do I achieve it? Freedom, Prosperity and Order proposes a society that:

  • Has no income tax, no capital-gains tax and no death tax
  • Subsidizes all education
  • Has no government schools
  • Has no career politicians
  • Needs no marriage laws
  • Protects limited labor unions
  • Allows no pensions
  • Has no prisons
  • Has no irresponsible procreation
  • Achieves social intercourse
    without rancor

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Welcome To The Institute of Perceptionism, Inc.

Freedom, Prosperity And Order 

You live in a boom and bust economy that views the world as one of “inadequate demand.” This approach has dominated virtually all economic thought for the last one hundred years. In addition to the booms and busts, the wide disparity of wealth has fostered extremely disrupting, corrupting and morality twisting income and estate taxes. This approach is dependent upon elaborate schemes for the creation and skimming of fictitious assets.

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The Institute of Perceptionism, Inc. offers an economy of durable, moderated, steady growth that is viewed from one of “oversupply.” In addition to greatly mitigating the disparity of income and wealth, this approach can facilitate a free-orderly society. So described here, is an unequivocal description of the true nature of individual freedom. Over time, this economic concept will produce a comfortable financial cushion for nearly all the people.

From the very nature of the statements made here, one can expect to find much thinking that is outside of the conventional wisdom. If you are up to such challenging thinking, you may find stimulation that will free you to greater accomplishments. This book promises a raft ideas that can expand your mental horizons.